The Goddess

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The Goddess comes in many forms through many traditions. The Scarlet Woman Red Tent recognizes and honors many of them. Below are listed just a few of these Goddesses. Enjoy!

Aphrodite~ The beautiful Goddess of Love and Beauty. She is Love. Many tales surround this water Goddess who in one myth is said to be born from Sea Foam. She is pure devotional and sensual love. This love is limitless. It is love for all and of self love.

Isis~ She is Goddess of Motherhood, Childbirth, Rebirth, Magick. She is a healer, mother, sister, and wife. Her inner strength, love, devotion, and perseverance is what kept her going on her battle and search for her beloved Osiris. Through this pure love and devotion she was able to resurrect her Priest.

Kali Ma~ Kali Ma is the Great and Terrible Mother. She is unwavering strength and force. She loves her children with a firm strong hand. She slays the demons and swallows the evil of the Universe. Here is a little more about her:

Nuit~ She is the sky goddess who’s body holds all infinite possibilities of the Universe. She is the consort of Hadit the center point of Will. Her children are Isis, Osiris, Set, and Nephthys. Her ancient Egyptian symbol is a pot, which is said to be a womb. She played many roles such as a protector of the dead, where all souls traveled back to her body. She was also said to be the barrier that separated chaos and order, creating balance in the world.